Summer 2016

After dragging all my baggages, backpacks, bundles and pouches across the airport, through security checks and passport controls, all the way to the last gate, and finding my way to the last seat on the last last row of the plane (56J), I thought to myself: Here I go again... Then I felt the butterflies coming: I could smell new adventures! And the I fell asleep. 


Now that Summer back in Finland has come to it's end I thought I could do a little review of all the things I got to do. It definitely was a Summer full of firsts: I had my first paid job as a photographer, I had my first Summer without figure skating, I went sailing for the first time and tried couch surfing for the first time, I experimented  with both digital and film photography, visited four different countries and went to my first three-day music festival, to name a few. Also for the first time, I tried taking some video clips on the side of making still photographs


The Summer contained lot of firsts but also a lot of old and familiar. Yearly Summer traditions that I'm happy I got to do in my beloved home country: long nights swimming on the lake at a summer cottage, picking blueberries on the forest and playing Mölkky with my family. Not to mention the luxury of living at home where the fridge is always full and dinner is served. That'll be greatly missed! 


Looking through the airplanes window, seeing the silhouette of Manhattan rising in the horizon, thinking about all these wonderful things I got to experience during the last couple of months, I couldn't be more excited and ready to take on to all the new adventures, experiences and difficulties there is to come.


Now, before that, I thought it would be a fun way to look back on this Summer, and also to launch my new blog, by showing you some behind the scenes material of some of the things I was working on, as well as the scenery and adventures that crossed my path this Summer in a form of a video.

That being said, I want to Thank you everyone who was a part of my Summer in Finland and to say hello to all of you who I am about to meet in America!

Lots of Love,


P.S. You can still find my old posts from last year on my old blog Here: