Photography wise my biggest project during this Summer was shooting a series I titled Finland. In that series I wanted to capture My Finland. What it means to me, how I perceive it and most importantly what makes it a place I call my home.


Oftentimes when someone gives me a word, at first, for the tiniest fraction of a second, I feel like I fully and completely understand the word in all of it’s meaning and excistence. It’s like all of the associations I’ve gathered around that word during my lifetime would intertwine and combine together creating this impervious nest of knowledge. And then it’s gone. That feeling. As soon as rational thinking overpowers intuition, the feeling fades away as quickly as it formed. Almost if it was too much information for the brain to fraction, organize and understand.


I wanted each of the pictures in Finland. to give me, as a viewer, that sensation of understanding what the word Finland carries within. My plan was to create a visual library that would help understand and explain the word. Each picture individually, as well as all of them together as a series, are ment to be building blocks to create a meaning to the word Finland.


During the Summer I kept my camera close at all times, waiting for the moment when I felt like: ”This is what Finland is about, this is what makes it my home and this is how I see it.” And then I took a frame. Resulting in a base of over 700 pictures, all of which I would label under Finland. From that archive I slowly narowed my edit to these final 20 images that gave me the strongest feeling of familiarity and home. In other words: Finland.


This series is not a farewell to my home country. It’s just a gentle goodbye for now, or until we meet again. A little  reminder for me of everything I love about it and a way to show and share it with all my Finnish and international acquaintances, new and old.


My aspiration with the series is for all the people back home looking at it to feel like ”Yup, I know exactly what that is.” and for people from around the world to get that feeling of better understanding what that tiny nordic country is about and form their own associations


I hope you enjoy it,