New York

I was trying to think a way to best describe my week in New York. I felt overwhelmed by all the things I’d have to describe to create an accurate image. At least a thousand words. Or, as I soon realized, just one: New York. 

The bustling, ever evolving city that never sleeps and loves to eat, and so on, and so on. The city I had the priviledge to call my home last year. Funny enough, I felt very much like a tourist when I got there. Wondering those giant skyscrapers, passing yellow cabs and packs of tourists heading to Empire State Building. Maybe I felt a bit lost in the concrete jungle after spending Summer in Finland. Or then, it was that giant suitcase I was dragging and the three cameras hanging on my neck that made me relate more to those tourist groups than to latte-sipping newyorkers around me. Or maybe it was Manhattan. I lived in Brooklyn, it’s different there.

Tourist or not, it felt good to be back! And after walking Cookies and Peach (My friend Katie’s adorable dogs) down the 6th Avenue I seriously started blending in. That feeling languished just a little bit when everyone else headed off to work and I realised I had no obligations, no things i had to do (which, I can tell you, is not the case when you live there). I could do whatever I wanted to. So I did a lot of just walking around and exploring my favorite parts of the city. (West Village, East village, Central Park, Highline, Meatpacking) And ate. (Ramen at Ippudo, Falafels at Halal Guys, Bagels at Poppyseed Bagel, Salads at sweetgreen , Waffles and Milkshakes at all the diners around the city!) 

After my friends got off from work, I spent my time catching up with them. It’s pretty cool to see where life has led them after school. To good places, I must say! We went to Luna Park in Coney Island, gallery hopping in Chelsea (or tried to, it seems they were all closed that week…), to the Beach at Hamptons, BBQued and made Smore’s, went out for a couple of drinks (Finally 21!) and sat on Brooklyn rooftops. Enjoyed the last days of Summer, reunited in New York City.

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And to end the post, I made you guys a little video! I hope it transmits the bustling energy and beauty of the city as well as the large quantity of things I got to do during my short but sweet visit.  Enjoy! 

xx Lotta