Photographing on Broadway 4/8/2017

Last Saturday, we as a class took a field trip to Broadway street in downtown Los Angeles. The objective for the trip was to continue practicing street photography and it's two opposing styles lyrical and static. Broadway as a location offers a stimulating environment for street photography. An old theatre district that was once left to decay and was almost a ghetto like are for a long time is just recently started to bring in new businesses and lifting up it's face again. This street is full of juicy colorful details and contrasts of  beaten-up and fancy. Interesting characters and various backgrounds that offer more than a great stage for any street photography practitioner.


For my style of photography the street photos are in most cases the kind that would be considered as static. When I go out on the streets I always feel more like an observer that picks up on smaller, not so noticeable details. I feel rather uncomfortable approaching unknown people and being in the middle of the action as is required in the lyrical style of street photography. It should feel like the photographer is a part of what is happening. For my photography it's more that i'm exploring and just showing what I found interesting or visually compelling.